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Henry Wickenburg's Cabin and the Hanging Tree
Construction began in 1884 on this stone, adobe, metal and concrete two story lab, utilized to assay ore samples and to produce Dore’ bars.
A small basement room was used to store bullion before shipment.
Foreground: Constructed in the 1890’s, the Mess Hall and Bar were made from wood, rock, and adobe. The roof collapsed during a seasonal storm but now that the debris has been removed, the service bar is revealed.

Background: Constructed in the early 1900’s, the Cook House was made from wood and concrete. An 1800’s stove, large ice box and other artifacts remain.

Vulture Peak Gold

Wickenburg, Arizona
Mess Hall, Bar and Cook House
The Assay Building
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A Magnificent Saguaro
This unique 30 plus columned Saguaro (Carnegiea gigantea) is one of a kind. (Saguaro not visible from tour route)
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Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce
This two hundred year old or more Ironwood tree (Olneya tesota), was determined to be in good health after being evaluated by a horticulturist.

Background right: Constructed in the summer of 1864, Henry Wickenburg's 15 by 20 foot cabin made from stone and adobe has over the years lost its roof but you can still see where the original walls were located.